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Automatic Packing Machine SEPM-120


film paper alufoil

Packing forms such as automatic feeding box opening boxingbox sealing waste rejectingetc.are adopted.Featured by compact and reasonable structuresimple operation and adjustment.

Main Technical Parameter
Cutting Frequency: 40-200 times/min
Max.forming Area: 250x250cm
Max.forming Depth: 12mm
Tracel Adjusting: 150-250mm
Size Of Standard Plate: 80x57mm
Width And Thickness Of PVC And PTP: PVC:260x0.15-0.30mm
Power Supply: 380V;50HZ
Air Capacity: ≥0.5m3/min
Cooling Water: 60L/H
Overall Size: 4350x1070x2200mm
Weight: 3000kgs